Four pack beeswax bags -c




Four fantastic beeswax bags great for keeping food fresh longer. Made here in Ballarat using organic cotton and organic paint all sourced from Australian Family business . Dipped in central victorian beeswax along with tree resin and coconut oil.

A great starter set for snack and sandwichs . Ideal for fridge bags for those cut vegies . A reusable, plastic alternative and ecofriendly choice for you .

The kookaburra, cockie  and emu are the newer style with the side french seams sewn flat to back , the lizard is the older style french seam sides


Kookaburra – 20 cm high by 13 cm wide and  4cm deep

Cockie- 20 cm high by 17 cm wide and 4 cm deep

Emu – 18 cm high by 15 cm wide and 5 cm deep

Lizard – 22cm long by 20 cm wide

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