Trio Beeswax Bags


A set of 3 beeswax bags – Snack – Cockie – measures 18 cm high by 10 cm wide by  4 cm deep

– Sandwich – Kookaburra – measures 20 cm high by 12 cm wide by  4 cm deep

– Fridge  – Blue Wren – measures  22 cm high by 14 cm wide  by  6 cm deep

 These handy little bags are hand painted , then sewn and dipped in central victoria – in Ballarat . We source all the ingredients of our bags from australian family businesses . The bags are dipped in the beeswax from the bees buzzing around Ballarat . These bags are a great alternative to plastic bags and fit in a sandwich and snacks easily . Organic fabric and organic paint are used so no nasty chemicals are wrapped around your sandwich .

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