How are the Beeswax Bags made ?
How to use your wrap

Beeswax wraps have many uses –

Simply place over a bowl and press firmly along the bowl edges

Perfect for wrapping cheese , fruit and vegetables

How to use your bag

 Simply open the beeswax bag and place the food instead .  Press or fold over the top edges .

How do I care for Beeswax Bags

In a sink of cold water and mild detergent place your beeswax wrap / bag .

Gently wipe over the fabric with a cloth .

Rinse in clean water and allow to drain in dish rack

Do not use

On raw meat or acidic food, in the oven, microwave or dishwasher

Do not store near heat or direct sunlight, hot water

Do not use or strong chemical dishwashing liquid or soak your wrap .

Beeswax is flammable do not use near naked flame or high temperatures


We buy from Australian Family businesses that produce  cotton and textile paint with Global Organic Textile Standards  to make our paintings which are then sewn into bags .

We use local  beeswax taken from  honey hives of central Vicoria

Box-ironbark Forests  – flowering yellow box,  peppermint gum, manna gum, messmate, mallee and Kangaroo flowers.  Along with tree resin and coconut oil